Student Computer Labs - Remote Access for Graduate Students


This article details how graduate students can remotely access the student computer labs.



Step 1:

A SFU VPN connection is required to use the .RDP file downloaded in step 4. 
If you haven't set it up, follow the instructions to set up SFU VPN on your device.


Step 2 (Mac only):

For Windows, skip to Step 3.

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store


Step 3:

  1. Open the computer lab dashboard
  2. Click on a campus

Computer Lab Dashboard


Step 4:

  1. Click on the IP Address of the computer you want to use
  2. Allow the downloads from KeyServer
  3. Open the downloaded .rdp file to set up the remote connection.

Note: IP number could change from session to session, please always connect from the list of computers on KeyServer.


Step 5:

Sign in using:

  • Your SFU computingID and password
  • Be sure to use format ADSFU\userid, or

Sign out when your are finished to make the computer available for others.

Remote sessions will automatically time out after 3 hours of continuous use to allow all students the opportunity to use our computer labs.


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