Lab Administrators

A Local Lab Administrator is responsible for managing a given lab’s workstations on the research network.

They are nominated by the principal investigator of a given lab. Nominations must be approved by the research network manager and the Technical Support manager of the school or department to which the lab belongs.

Local Lab Administrators may be granted special administrator privileges to enable them to carry out their management duties. No other lab members may be granted these privileges.


Faculty members may grant access to lab administrators by adding them to the appropriate mailist and waiting ~30 minutes.


Local lab administrators are required to refrain from employing their special privileges in any way that would compromise the privacy of other network users or the security of any network hosts. These restrictions include (but are not limited to):

  • Not to access other users’ accounts without authorization
  • Not to install Internet servers or services ( web, ftp, mail, peer-to-peer file sharing, etc.)
  • Not to create local accounts
  • Not to give root or administrative privileges to any other user
  • To install only software with valid licenses provided by FASNET administrators or lab supervisors
  • Use privileged access only when necessary
  • Ensure Windows workstations have up-to-date and correctly configured anti-virus protection
  • Ensure that locally-installed applications are properly configured with up-to-date patches

FASNET Local Lab Administrators are responsible for assisting the Research Computing Group in maintaining the security of the research network. In particular, they are required to notify the Research Computing Group:

  • of computer purchases, moves, and other changes
  • of security incidents or unusual activity
  • when resigning as lab administrator

Failure to abide by these rules can result in lost of administrative privileges, suspension or lost of account privileges, and other actions by campus security, the department, the university or other legal entities.


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