Delegate Login for Shared Sponsored Accounts


shared sponsored account is used by one or more individuals, and it is possible that the password or access to the account is shared with or transferred to other individuals (e.g., departmental roles, clubs/associations, and test accounts). 

To enhance security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access for shared sponsored accounts, delegate login is available to streamline your login experience. This feature allows multiple users to log into same account using their own SFU credentials on CAS-protected web applications.

Note: Delegate login is currently only available to web-based CAS-protected services (e.g., SFU Mail via web browser). 



  1. Ask individuals with authorized access to the sponsored account (e.g., sponsor) to add you as a delegate on Delegated Account Management for the sponsored account.
  2. Read the welcome email with login instructions.
  3. Log into a web-based CAS protected services (e.g., SFU Mail via web browser) using the format below:
Username: sponsoredaccountname:yourcomputingID

Replace sponsoredaccountname with your sponsored account name, and replace yourcomputingID with your SFU Computing ID (e.g., sfuacc:kipling).
Password: The password for your SFU computing ID
MFA: The MFA code associated with your SFU computing ID

Note: Your SFU computing ID must be enrolled in multi-factor authentication to use delegate login.


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