Manage team settings and permissions


This article outlines managing team settings and permissions on Microsoft Teams.

As a team owner, you have the ability to manage and adjust many team settings and permissions. For example, some settings include members, pending requests, channels, settings, analytics and apps for your team.

Note: As one of the first steps after setting up a team, we recommend checking the permission settings for members and guests to ensure they align with your team’s work processes and strategies.

For instance, here are some items to consider and modify using the instructions provided below:

  • Do you want the members to have the ability to create, update, delete or restore channels?
  • Do you want the guests to have the ability to create, update and delete channels?



Step 1. In MS Teams, go to a team you would like to manage and select the "More options" icon.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select "Manage team".

Step 3. Under the "Settings" tab, check or uncheck the options or permissions you want to manage:

  • Change the team picture,
  • Set Member permissions (e.g., ability to create, update, delete or restore channels),
  • Determine the ability to use @mentions in a channel,
  • Set Guest permissions (e.g., ability to create, update, or delete channels), and
  • Enable team members to send GIFs, emoji, and stickers.


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