Accept or deny requests to join a team


This article describes how to accept or deny requests to join a team on Microsoft Teams.

Team members can send requests to add members to a team, and team owners will receive an alert for any pending requests. As a team owner, you have the ability to accept or deny requests to join your team:

  • If you have a manually-managed team (i.e., team Owner(s) add/remove members via the "Manage Team" setting in MS Teams.), you can add members by accepting the pending requests you received on Teams. See the instructions below for more information.



Note: If you have a maillist-managed team (i.e., team Owner(s) add/remove members via SFU Maillist), this functionality to accept/deny requests will not work. To add any members to your team, please add them via the maillist.

Step 1. In MS Teams, go to a team you would like to manage and select the "More options" icon.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select "Manage team".

Step 3. In the "Pending Requests" tab, select "Accept" or "Deny" to approve or decline the requests.


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