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This article describes how to add a role or sponsored account to your team on Microsoft Teams.

Role/sponsored account can be used on MS Teams if they have signed up for a Microsoft 365 account and are provided a MS Teams license.

Note: We recommend using your individual account unless your team’s processes or procedures requires the use of a sponsored/role account.



Step 1. Understand the following limitations on using a role/sponsored account on MS Teams:

  • Role/sponsored account cannot be a team owner, and can be only added to a team as a team member.
  • MS Teams licenses are granted to role/sponsored accounts via the maillist, so role/sponsored account can only be added to a maillist-managed team (i.e., automatically add members to your team if they are a part of the maillist).

Step 2. Enroll the role/sponsored account into SFU's MFA and sign up for an Microsoft 365 account

Step 3. Go the SFU Maillist.

Step 4. Add the role/sponsored to the maillist that sync to your team.

Members added to the maillist will be automatically synced and added to your team within 2 hours.

How can I add a role account to my manually-managed team, and not managed by maillist?

By default, role accounts do not have access to MS Teams and cannot be added into manually-managed teams (i.e., team owners manually add/remove members via the Teams application).

To provide role account(s) access to MS Teams, the Team Owner will need to take the following the steps:

  1. Create a new maillist which will be used to provide role account(s) with the access to Microsoft Teams.
  2. On the maillist, include the role account(s) you would like to add to the team.
  3. Submit a ticket to IT Service Desk and include the following information:
    • Subject line: "Microsoft Teams - Adding role accounts to a manually-managed team"
    • Message body: “I would like to add role account(s) to my manually-managed team. The maillist name is <your-mailist>.”
  4. Ensure that the account(s) have enrolled in SFU's MFA and signed up for a Microsoft 365 account. Once the request is processed, it will take up to 2 hours for MS Teams access to be granted.
  5. On MS Teams, you should be able to add the role account(s) as members to your team. The account(s) will also need to remain on the maillist (created in step 1) in order to retain Microsoft Teams access.

Note. Going forward, you may include additional role account(s) to the maillist (created in step 1) to provide access to MS Teams. Please ensure that the account(s) have enrolled in SFU's MFA and signed up for a Microsoft 365 account.


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