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This article describes how to change your team name on Microsoft Teams.

A team name allows users to identify a specific team from their team list. A "- SFU Teams" suffix is automatically appended to all team names.

Can I shorten or remove the "- SFU Teams" suffix?

The "- SFU Teams" suffix is a naming standard that cannot be changed at this time.

This suffix allows for technical scalability and minimizes any potential technical issues (e.g., naming conflicts) related to Microsoft 365 and other SFU services. In addition, this allows individuals who have in multiple teams across different organizations to differentiate which team is an SFU team.


Any changes to your team name will only be reflected via the display name on MS Teams. It will not change the corresponding SharePoint site's address (i.e., your team’s SharePoint address will remain with the old name), nor the team's email address.

It is not recommended to change your team name as it may lead to potential confusion.



Step 1. In MS Teams, go to a team you would like to change the team name and select the "More options" icon.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select "Edit team".

Step 3. In the "Edit team" window, select the text box below "Team name" to edit your team's name. The text below shows a preview of the full team name with the suffix.

Step 4. Select "Update" to save your changes, or select "Cancel" to cancel the edits. 


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