How to connect and publish your web content


Learn how to connect and publish web content on your personal webspace.



You'll need to connect to our web server to upload content. Use the following settings to establish a connection:

Setting Example
Username kipling, your SFU Computing ID
Password Your SFU Computing Account password
Server Name

Directory (optional) Some applications may ask for a directory before making a connection. Most will work by providing pub_html, while others may require /home/kipling/pub_html (where ‘kipling’ is repalced with your SFU Computing ID)

Once connected, upload your content to the pub_html folder. Your content will then be published online at (where account is your SFU Computing ID). 

Note: To display your content as a webpage, your starting file will need to be named index.htm or index.html. Use binary mode for gif, jpg and jpeg files.

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