Setting up email templates for Outlook on the web


This article explains how to access email templates on Outlook on the web for SFU Mail. It is intended for individuals who have been migrated or are already using the new SFU Mail with Exchange Online experience.

  1. Accessing your email templates
  2. Creating your email templates
  3. Inserting your email templates
  4. Editing or deleting your templates
  5. Pinning the My Templates app


Accessing your email templates

After signing into your SFU mailbox on,

  1. Start a new email message
  2. In the ribbon, select Apps  

  3. Select My Templates

  4. By default, Outlook includes three templates that you can use and edit


Creating your own email templates

  1. Select + Templates

  2. Enter a title and message. Then click Save


Inserting your email templates

Click the email template to insert it into the body of your message:


Editing or Deleting your email templates

To edit or delete an existing template, place your cursor over the template to reveal the Delete and Edit options.


Pinning the My Templates app

If you use email templates frequently, you may wish to pin the app for quick access:

  1. Start a new message and open Apps 
  2. Right click My Templates and select Pin

  3. The My Templates app will be pinned to the message ribbon for easy access
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