Refund Policy


PaperCut refund policy and how to request a refund.



This article contains information about the PaperCut refund policy and how to request a refund.



Pages that aren’t successfully printed will be refunded automatically as PaperCut can detect if a print job is successfully delivered.

Refunds will only be provided on the following basis:

  • Fading or streaked printer tone; document has to be produced at time of claim.
  • Lost print jobs due to printer hardware failure where job does not resume printing.

Refunds will not be provided for:

  • Unspent balance in your PaperCut account (you can, however, transfer your account balance to another SFU or FIC student).
  • Wrong print job or print job settings.



  1. Log on to your PaperCut account
  2. Click on Recent Print Jobs
  3. Click on request refund and provide a detailed explanation.

If your document was printed but the quality is poor, bring the document to the nearest IT Service Center to help you re-print or to ask for a refund.

Note: The PaperCut account portal is only available while connected to SFUNET-SECURE




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