IMAP Setup


This article provides the correct IMAP Settings for the new SFU Mail (Exchange Online).



This article provides the IMAP settings for approved third-party email applications and is intended for individuals who are using the new SFU Mail with Exchange Online experience.

To ensure the most seamless experience, we recommend that you use more modern ways to connect to SFU Mail, such as using Outlook with Exchange.

Note: If you're trying to re-configure an email account that has previously been set up with IMAP/POP, consider backing up your emails to prevent any accidents to client-sided data from account modifications.

If you previously set up IMAP/POP on Outlook, you will need to switch to another application since Outlook is no longer supporting these protocols.




In order to connect to SFU Mail using IMAP, your application will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your application need to be from the list of approved email applications, and
  • Your application need to support OAuth2 as the authentication method (Microsoft's Modern Authentication).

Currently, the only applications that meet these requirements are:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail (iCloud)



Incoming: IMAP

  • Server hostname:         
  • Port: 993    
  • SSL: SSL/TLS    
  • Authentication: OAuth2

Outgoing: SMTP    

  • Server hostname:    
  • Port: 587  
  • Authentication: OAuth2

Note: These settings are only for SFU Mail on Exchange Online. If you have not upgraded to Exchange Online, you will need to use the older IMAP configurations.

To see the older IMAP settings, visit the older IMAP Setup page.




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