Setting up Thunderbird TbSync


This article describes how to setup TbSync for Mozilla Thunderbird on PC



TbSync is an add-on/extension for Mozilla Thunderbird. It provides additional extensions that enable Thunderbird to sync calendar events and contacts with Microsoft Exchange servers.

This setup guide applies to users that have signed into Thunderbird on PC


To setup TbSync on Mozilla Thunderbird to support synchronization for your SFU Mail Account:

  1. Access the "Add-ons/Extensions" tab in Thunderbird                                    ​​​​​                                                                                                                                    
    • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer
    • As shown in the image below, follow the arrow on the bottom left and click on the gear icon to access "Settings"
    • Alternatively,
    • Click on the menu bar and select "Settings"
    • After accessing the settings tab, locate and click "Add-ons and Themes" on the bottom left of the settings screen to access the "Add-ons Manager"
  2. Add "TbSync" and "Provider for Exchange ActiveSync"                                                                        
    • In the Add-ons manager tab, click on "Extensions" and in the search bar type "TbSync"
    • You will be directed to the add-ons page on the browser. Locate TbSync and click "Add to Thunderbird"
    • Repeat the process for "Provider for Exchange ActiveSync" - Search and click "Add to Thunderbird"
    • After adding these extensions to Thunderbird, navigate back to the Add-ons Manager tab and you will find your extensions listed
  3. In the Add-ons Manager tab, enable "TbSync" and "Provider for Exchange ActiveSync" by toggling the different switches to blue
  4. Add SFU Mail account to "TbSync"                  
    • Click on the wrench icon as directed in the arrow below and the "TbSync account manager" will pop-up
    • Under "Account Settings", follow the instructions in the image below to access the "Account Information" window. Select "Microsoft Offcie 365", input your SFU email ID and click "Add account"
    • You will be redirected to the SFU Sign-in page for authorization. Input your SFU Computing ID and password, then click "Sign in"
    • Your SFU account will now be displayed in the accounts section of the TbSync Account Manager 
    • Check the "enable and synchronize this account" box and all the boxes under "Enable and synchronize this account" as directed in the image below.
    • Adjust your periodic synchronization to your desired preference and click "synchronize now"

You are now ready to use Thunderbird TbSync and Thunderbird will periodically synchronize your data with Microsoft Exchange Servers.



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