The architecture, installation, and operation of infrastructure items required to offer network connectivity, such as network cabling, routers, and firewalls. Includes connecting devices (including Internet of Things devices) to the network, network access management, securing access to networks, and appropriate authentication (e.g., network registration systems, VPN, and NAC).

Services (7)

Network Engineering Consulting

Network engineering design, consulting and tier 3 incident management.

Network Firewalls

Architecture, design and maintenance of the dedicated network firewalls.

Network Physical Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure consulting services as required by SFU Facilities projects, renovations, new buildings. Issues pertaining to fibre optic and copper cable plant installations.

Public Web Cameras

Installation, operation and maintenance of publicly available web cameras of SFU.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

SFU VPN is a way for faculty, staff and graduate students to remotely connect to SFU's internal network using a secure (encrypted) and private connection. SFU VPN provides access to SFU systems that are typically inaccessible while working remotely.

Wired Connectivity

Provide wired connectivity to a location

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi)

Provide wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to access campus internet services.