Sponsored Accounts


There are 2 common scenarios when using sponsored accounts: 

  • Used by one individual (or personal sponsored account): A sponsored account that is only used by a specific individual, where the password and access to the account would never be shared with or transferred to others (e.g., temporary staff or contractors). 
  • Shared between multiple users (or role/departmental sponsored account): A sponsored account that is used by one or more individuals, and it is possible that the password or access to the account is shared with other individuals (e.g., departmental roles, clubs/associations, and test accounts). 


Note: Sponsored accounts are required to enroll in Multi-factor Authentication by March 31, 2022. 



Delegate Login For Shared Sponsored Account

IT Services has launched a new feature called delegate login to streamline your login experience for sponsored accounts that are shared between multiple users. This feature allows multiple users to log into same account using their own SFU credentials.

Log in using delegate login


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The constituents for whom the service is available (e.g., students, faculty, staff).

Service Offerings (2)

Sponsored Accounts - Request Account
To request a Sponsored Computing ID, you will need authorization from your departmental signing authority, such as your departmental manager or departmental financial signing authority.
Sponsored Accounts - Renew Account
Request the renewal or reactivation of a sponsored account.