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This service is created for Internal IT Services Staff only (i.e. IT Infrastructure Team) to reach out to several Application Services groups that responsible to coordinate patches  on server OS and/or outage required for any of the servers maintained by Application Services. There are three (3) application services groups, that maintain three different groups of servers, namely:  

  • Application Technology Services (ATS) group
  • Learning Community Services (LCS) group 
  • Enterprise Services group - PSAdmin



Application Technology Services (ATS) Servers

ATS Group maintains the administrative or the non-academic applications systems servers. Most application have few servers (Client Application Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers​​) and for application with Interface with PeopleSoft, there are usually series of 4 environments, namely Prod, Stage, Test and Devl environment for each of the Client Application, Web and Database server). 

ATS Servers Ticket



Learning Community Services (LCS) Servers 

LCS maintains the academics and students applications systems servers. Servers for Canvas, SFU Mobile Applications (SFU SNAP), Room Finders, AEM etc. 

LCS Servers Ticket

Enterprise Services (ES) Servers 

The PeopleSoft Administrator (PSAdmins) maintain the server that house PeopleSoft software and other PeopleSoft plug-ins or extensions use within PeopleSoft systems servers. The PSAdmins responsible for three (3) PeopleSoft Applications Servers at SFU, namely:

  • FINS (PeopleSoft Finance) servers
  • HAP (PeopleSoft Human Resources) servers
  • SIMS (PeopleSoft Student Information Systems) or goSFU servers

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