Enterprise Service Management (ESM) - Update/Create Group (Queue)

Please provide the necessary information for each request, such as: 

  • Create Group: 
    • Group Name 
    • Group Description 
    • Existing Sponsored account (if any), where ticket is send to i.e. AskITS@sfu.ca or sims-help@sfu.ca
    • Existing Mailing List Name (if any) ML Admin (role account or Computing ID) 
  • Modify Group
    • Old (Existing) Group Name 
    • New Group Name 
  • Members of the group/mailing list  
    • List of SFU Computing-ID (not email alias) of the Members of the Group that should get Notification when there is ticket on the queue
    • List if the SFU Computing-ID is a Role Account or a Sponsored Account (external personnel or non-SFU) 
Update/Create Group (Queue)


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