AEM - Launch a website

Follow the recommended steps to successfully launch your AEM site:

1.  Preparing for your site launch

Site Administrators and Authors need to complete the following prior to the launch:

  • Check all site content for accuracy and completeness. Have all sign-offs in place.
  • Activate all content to be viewable by site visitors, including all digital assets, i.e. images, PDF documents, tags, etc. and pages. See activating AEM assets and activating AEM pages for more information.
  • Preview your site to check for typos, missing images, broken links, etc.

Note: It is important to activate all of the pages to be viewable by site visitors, including the Site Configuration page. In order for the navigation to work properly, the Site Configuration page must be activated.

2.   Co-ordinating your site launch

Communications & Marketing and IT Services teams require a minimum of 10 working days' advance notice to launch a typical site, i.e. a site launched under However, as site complexity can vary, it's good practice to co-ordinate your initial site launch as early as possible.

3.   Requesting your site launch

Site Administrators need to submit the Request a website launch form and  provide the following:

  • Website name
  • Website URL
  • Website redirects, i.e. any URL(s) on your old website that you wish to preserve on your new website. See: URL redirects page.
  • Preferred launch date

Communications & Marketing team will check for content, brand and design issues within the first 5 days. Once these issues have been addressed by the Site Administrator, IT Services will check for technical issues. When all issues have been fixed, your site launch date will be confirmed. Your archived site (if you have one) will be available to you in AEM Author for a month following the site launch.

Request a website launch


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