Obtaining and Setting Up Key Fob/Card


This article details how to obtain and set up a key fob/card for use with SFU Print.



As part of the implementation project, existing permanent SFU Faculty and Staff will receive their first key fob/card for free until the end of August 2018 to use with SFU Print. Key fobs/cards/ will be distributed to your department when SFU Print devices are installed in your department. If you lose your key fob/card or need a new one, there will be a fee charged to replace it. If you do not have a key fob/card or have lost it, you can also log into the SFU Print devices using your SFU Computing ID or PaperCut ID number.

  • Who can get a key fob? Staff, Faculty, TA's, or any individual that the department allows to print.
  • Have an existing key fob/card? Existing HID key fobs or cards used for unlocking secure doors may also be used for SFU Print.
  • Don't have a key fob/card? Contact your department administrator or fill out the Keys, Cards and Fobs Request Form from Safety and Risk Services.



Step 1: Tap your key fob/card on the card reader.

Step 2: Enter your SFU Computing ID and password.

Step 3: Tap Associate. You will get a confirmation that your key fob/card is associated with your SFU Computing ID. If you get an error, re-tap your key fob/card and enter your SFU Computing ID and Password again. Once completed, your key fob/card will work at all SFU Print devices.

Note: Only one key fob/card can be associated with your SFU Computing ID. If you associate a new key fob/card, it will overwrite the existing one.

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