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SFU Print for Administrators

See our resources for billing cots, ordering equipment, granting printer access and more.

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Pinned Article Fix SFU Print

How to fix "SFU Print" printer being paused, on the managed Mac.

Obtaining and Setting Up Key Fob/Card

Learn how to obtain and set up a key card/fob to access printing devices.


Learn how to photocopy using SFU Print.

Print/Photocopy using PIN Codes

Explore print/photocopy a document using a PIN code.

Printing from a USB storage device

Learn how to print from a USB storage device such as a flash drive.

Printing in Colour (Windows)

Learn how to print colour documents using Windows PC.

Printing using SFU Print

Walkthrough how to print using an SFU printing device.

Recycling Used Toner Cartridges

Learn how to recycle your used toner bottles and cartridges.

Replace Printer Toner

Learn how to replace the printing toner for SFU Print devices.

Replacing Printer Staples

Learn how to replace the staple feed in an SFU Print device.

Scan to Email

Learn how to scan a document and send it to an email address using SFU Print.

Scan to USB/Scan Large Files

Discover how to scan to a USB or scanning large files.

Set Up SFU Print

Learn how to set up SFU Print on your device.

SFU Print Transparencies

Learn how to print to transparent sheets.