Printing on macOS Sonoma


Addresses a prevalence of issues related to macOS Sonoma suddenly halting printing on non-AD bound machines.



To resolve this recurring issue, I recommend starting anew by initiating a "Reset Printing" process. This comprehensive step removes ALL printers and queues. Along with clearing all Keychain entries associated with printing, ensure that the PaperCut client is installed and operational.

Follow the provided instructions diligently. When specifying the URL for the queue, make the following adjustment:

Change: smb://

To: smb://

This adjustment should help mitigate the printing interruptions experienced previously.

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It is one continuous line, without breaks. After adding the printer, you can perform a test print, and the printer authentication prompt should appear. I utilized "ADSFU\<username>" and encountered no issues.

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Next is Papercut authentication

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and finally, information that our job is waiting for us in papercut queue

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Hope this helps.

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