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Due to the fact that some managed Macs lose connection with AD, it manifests as users not be able to print. To fix that, we have created app in "Self service" called "Fix SFU Print". This app will check if the machine is bound to AD, and if it is not it will rejoin AD and reinstall "SFU Print" queue.

Note: If you are at home, you need to have SFU VPN running.

This is a self service and user can run it on their own,  following next steps:

1. Press Command + Space key to activate “Spotlight Search”.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

2. Type “Self Service” and choose first entry.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

3. Choose “Fix SFU Print” and click Fix button.​​​​​​​Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Printer access should be fixed now.

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