View or remove trusted browsers


Trusted browsers are the browsers you authenticated to "remember me for 7 days" at the MFA login. You can manage your trusted browsers on the SFU Management App. Follow the instructions outlined below to view or delete trusted browsers.



Step 1. Log in to the SFU MFA Management App, using your SFU credentials.

Access the SFU MFA Management App


Step 2. Go to the "Trusted Browsers" tab. Under this tab, you can view a list of browsers you have authenticated to remember you for seven days and the date you authenticated such browser. 

If you would like to remove any of these trusted browsers, you can click on the "Trash Can" icon beside the browsers on the list. This feature can be used when:

  • You accidentally checked off the "Remember me" checkbox on a public computer, or
  • You would like a certain browser on your device to forget you and prompt you for MFA again.


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SFU’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) refers to using two or more independent items to verify your identity, typically something you know (i.e., your SFU computing ID and password) and something you have (i.e., a time-based code).