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This article describes how to change your status and status message on MS Teams.

Your status on MS Teams is visible to all Teams users and can be used to indicate your current availability. You can also set your status message to include details you want others to see in Teams. MS Teams will automatically set your status in some scenarios (e.g., your status will be automatically changed into "Busy" when you are in a Teams call).


How to change your status

Step 1. Within MS Teams, select your profile on the top right corner.

Step 2. Click on your current status (e.g., "Available") beside your profile picture.

Step 3. From the Status drop-down menu, select one of the status options:

  • Available: You are online and available to meet or chat.
  • Busy: You are online but occupied by a call/meeting/task. Notification will still pop up.
  • Do not disturb: You are online but don't want to be disturbed. Notifications will be hidden.
  • Be right back: You've temporarily stepped away and will return shortly. 
  • Appear away: You appear to be away from your computer, and won't be responding until you're back online.
  • Appear offline: You appear to be offline, and won't be responding until you're back online.

Additional settings from the Status drop-down menu:

  • "Duration" - This adds a time duration to a status.
  • "Reset status" - This resets any current status back to "available".


How to change your status message

Step 1. In MS Teams, select your profile on the top right corner.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select "Set status message".

Step 3.  In the text box, enter the message that you would like others to see.

  • You can check off the "Show when people message me" option if you would like to display this message when others message or @mention you.
  • You can also pick a "duration" to keep this status message under your profile (e.g., "4 Hours" or "Today").


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