File ownership in a team vs. a chat


This article describes the file ownership in a team and chat on Microsoft Teams.



The ownership of files uploaded to Teams may vary depending on their location:


Files uploaded to a team

  • The files uploaded to a team belong to the team and are stored within a Teams connected team/channel site.
  • All members of the team/channel have full control of the files.
  • The files uploaded to a team/channel will remain within that team regardless of the uploader's membership status, and will be kept until someone manually deletes them.

Note: We highly discourage customizing your Teams connected team/channel site (e.g., adding additional site components, changing site settings).

Microsoft may apply changes on how MS Teams integrates with SharePoint Online to offer Teams connected team/channel site, and any customization may be removed/lost as a result.


Files uploaded to a Teams chat

  • The files uploaded to a Teams chat belong to the file uploader and are stored in the uploader's OneDrive
  • The file uploader has full control of the access to these files and can modify/restrict/remove the access at any time. The file may get removed once the file uploader lost access to OneDrive at SFU.


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