Step 2. What is the team name?


This article describes the second step to planning a team, the team name.



Once you've confirmed that creating a new team is the solution that meets your needs, the next step is to determine a name for your team.

Note: The suffix "- SFU Teams" will be automatically appended to all team names (e.g., "IT Services M365 Team - SFU Teams"). We recommend leaving out the word "SFU" or "team" from your team name.

Your team name should follow the guidelines listed in the table below:

Your team name must: Your team name must not:
  • Indicate the purpose of the team.
  • Be specific enough to be identifiable and separable from other teams.
  • Contain only letters, numbers, hyphens and spaces.
  • Contain less than 80 characters.
  • Attempt to masquerade as another entity at SFU.
  • Appear to have relationship to any academic activity.
  • Contain profanity.
  • Contain any special characters, except hyphens.

I have my team name ready, Let's identify the team owner(s) →


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