Step 3. Who will be team owner(s)?


This article describes the third step to planning a team, the team owners.



Each team needs to have at least one team owner who has elevated privileges on the team. Only current SFU faculty, staff or graduate student who has enrolled in MFA can become a team owner.

To determine the team owner(s) of your team, identify at least one individual who will be taking responsibilities of the following items:

  • Add or remove members/guests.
  • Manage member/guest permissions in the team.
  • Answer questions or provide training to members/guests on Teams.
  • Add, delete, or manage channels.
  • Archive or delete the team when team is no longer needed.

Note: For business continuity purpose, we highly recommend having at least two active team owners at any given time.

I've identified my team owner(s), let's determine how they'll add/remove members →


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