Step 4. How will you add or remove members?


This article describes the fourth step to planning a team, the approach to adding or removing members.



You can choose one of the two ways to manage your team membership:

  1. Manually-managed teams: Team owner(s) add/remove members via the "Manage Team" setting in MS Teams.
  2. Maillist-managed team: Team owner(s) add/remove members via SFU Maillist - i.e., individuals are added/removed according to the maillist(s) synced to the team.

Note: The team membership management process chosen when requesting a team will always be the method for add/removing members. It is not possible to switch after the team has been created.

We recommend choosing the corresponding process below if your team's needs match any of the points on either side:

Choose "manually-managed team Choose "maillist-managed team
If your team needs to:
  • Control membership directly via MS Teams,
  • Manage a small group of members (e.g., less than 20 accounts), or
  • Want to change into a public team in the future.
If your team needs to:
  • Control membership exclusively via the maillist(s) synced,
  • Manage a large group of members (e.g., more than 20 accounts), or
  • Add one or more sponsored accounts on your team.

For a detailed comparison between the two processes, please visit the manually- vs. maillist-managed teams page.

I've selected a method. Let's draft a structure for the team →


Additional tips for maillist-managed teams

  • If you plan on syncing a new maillist to your new team, please create and activate it prior to submitting a team request. Submitting a team request with an unactivated maillist can lead to technical issues in your team.
  • If you plan on syncing your department's maillist to your new team, we recommend nesting your department's maillist inside a new maillist. This ensures that people who are outside of your department can be added to your team without being added to your department's maillist.


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