Manually- & maillist-managed teams


This article shows a comparison chart between a manually-managed team and a maillist-managed team.

There are two team membership management processes available for selection when creating your team. These processes will determine the way you add or remove members for your team.


Note: The team membership management process (i.e., manually-managed vs. maillist-managed) chosen when creating a team will always be the method for add/removing members. Once the team has been created, it is not possible to switch between the management processes.

  Manually-managed team Maillist-managed team

Team owner(s) add/remove members via the "Manage Team" setting in MS Teams.

Individuals added will receive a notification via MS Teams and an email notification.

Team owner(s) add/remove members via SFU Maillist - i.e., individuals are added/removed according to the maillist(s) synced to the team.

Individuals added will receive a notification via MS Teams.

Recommended usage

Ideal for small groups and units (i.e., less than 20 people) where the team owner(s) can easily manage the onboarding access for a small number of individuals.

Ideal for relatively larger groups (i.e., more than 20 people), department teams, and/or teams that need to add sponsored account(s) as team members.
Sponsored accounts Unable to add sponsored accounts.  Sponsored accounts can be added.
 External users Team owner(s) can add/remove external users (i.e., guests) via the "Manage Team" menu in MS teams. 
 Request to join the team Team owner(s) can add new members directly via MS Teams by accepting or denying the requests to join a team.

Unable to add new members directly via MS Teams by accepting or denying requests to join a team.

Public team Can be changed into public teams  - i.e., anyone from the organization can join immediately without an approval from the team owner(s). Cannot be changed into public teams. All members will need to be added by the team owner via the maillist(s) synced to the team.
Leave a team Member(s) can leave a team via MS Teams at any time. Member(s) need to ask the team owner(s) to remove them from the team’s maillist to leave a team.


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