Manage team privacy status


This article outlines managing team privacy status on Microsoft Teams.

There are 2 types of privacy status for the teams: public team and private team.

Public teams

  • Anyone from the organization can join immediately without an approval from the team owner(s).
  • Public teams are visible to everyone in the organization by searching in the Teams.
  • Example: MS Teams Community of Practice

Private teams

  • All the teams requested via the Request a Team webform are private teams, and they are hidden from the search in Teams.
  • Only people who have been approved by the team owner(s) can join the team. Team owner(s) and team members can invite people to join.
  • Examples: departmental team, project team, closed special interest group, etc.



Note: If you have a maillist-managed team, changing the team into a public team does not open up the ability for anyone in the organization to join immediately without approval.

For more information on how to add members to a maillist-managed team, visit the Add Members page.

Step 1. In MS Teams, go to a team you would like to manage the privacy status and select the "More options" icon.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, select "Edit team".

Step 3. In the "Edit team" window, select the drop-down below "Privacy" to manage the privacy status.

Step 4. Select "Update" to save your changes, or select "Cancel" to cancel the edits. 


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