Obtaining and managing your Computing ID


This article outlines the life cycle of a computing ID for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


Currently at SFU



  • Log in to https://go.sfu.ca
  • Select Student Centre
  • In the section with the heading “Personal Information”, select “email” from the “drop down at the bottom of the section
  • In the “Email Type” column, choose “Other”, enter your external email address and click Save


  • Log in to https://myinfo.erp.sfu.ca
  • In the “Employee Self Service” page, select “Personal Details”, then “Contact Details” on the following page
  • If you have an external email address set, it will be listed as “Other”. If the address is not current and correct, click the “>” to the right of your listed address
  • On the dialogue box that appears, ensure that “Email type” is set to “Other” and enter your preferred external email address. Click “Save” when done.
  • If you do not have an “Other” address listed, click the “+” icon in the Email section of the Contact Details page to add a new address

Notes: Your external email address will be updated overnight and will be available to be used to assist you in resetting your password easily as well as an alternative method of contacting you should your SFU Computing Account become compromised or other reasons where communicating with you is not possible using your SFU Computing Account.

What happens to my Computing ID when I have another role at SFU?
One person, one Computing ID. Your Computing ID stays the same when you switch to another role or have additional roles at SFU. You may be a student who works part-time at SFU as a staff, or a staff who studies part-time as a student. You will only have one personal Computing ID regardless of how many roles you have at SFU.

New to SFU

When will I receive my Computing ID?


  • Check your non-SFU email address for an email with the subject line of "Your SFU Computing ID is available".
  • You will receive this email after accepting SFU's offer of admission by paying the deposit. Depending on when your first semester is, you will receive the email at the following scheduled time:
    • Starting in September: Email sent in mid-June
    • Starting in January: Email sent in mid-October
    • Starting in May: Email sent in mid-February
  • If you confirm your offer of admission after the scheduled date, you will be sent an email within 5 days of paying your deposit.


Staff and Faculty

  • Check your non-SFU email address for an email with the subject line of "Your SFU Computing ID is available".
  • You will receive this email after your initial hiring information has been processed by your department and Human Resources.
  • If you did not receive your employee ID or SFU ID number needed to activate your SFU computing ID, check with your hiring manager or contact Human Resources.

Leaving SFU

Will I be able to access SFU systems after leaving SFU?


  • You will maintain full access to most SFU online systems, such as SFU Mail and goSFU, in the first year of graduation (the last time you had registered for courses). We recommend downloading a copy of your files during this time.
  • One year after leaving SFU, you will receive an email notification from IT Services at your SFU email address, indicating your account will be switched to an SFU Limited Access ID in 12 weeks.
  • After the 12-week conversion period, your Computing ID will have limited access to SFU online systems.
Time Accessibility  Actions you can take
Within one year of graduation  Full access
12-week conversion time  Full access. Notified of the conversion. 
After 1 year and 12 weeks 

 Converted to limited access ID.


  • SFU Canvas
  • goSFU 
  • Selected library resources
  • Simplicity 
  • Wi-Fi and computer labs

 No longer accessible: 

  • SFU Mail
  • SFU Vault
  • SFU Zoom
  • Personal web space
  • M365


Staff and Faculty

  • You will maintain access to most SFU online systems for one year after leaving the university, including SFU Mail. Some systems, such as goSFU, require that you are an active staff or faculty member for access.
  • For FINS access, there is a grace period of 140 days starting from the date of termination.




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An SFU computing account is your digital ID used to access university systems, such as email, wifi and more.