Sign into SFU Mail on Mobile


This article describes how to sign into SFU Mail on Outlook Mobile (iOS and Android).

Note: Outlook Mobile is only available to individuals who have upgraded to Exchange Online.


Download and Install

Based on your device, select one of the following to download and install Outlook Mobile:

For iOS devices:

Download Outlook on App Store

For Android devices:

Download Outlook on Google Play


Sign In

To sign into SFU Mail on Outlook Mobile:

  1. Open the Outlook app. Then, select Add Account.
    Note: If you're not prompted to add an email, see Set up as Another Account for Outlook Mobile.
    Welcome to Outlook
  1. Enter your SFU Email,, then select Add Account or Continue.
    iOS Android

    Add Account to Outlook (iOS)

    Add Account to Outlook (Android)


  2. If you are prompted to choose an account type, select Office 365. Otherwise, skip this step.

    Choose account type
  3. Enter your SFU Computing ID and password, then select Sign In. If you are enrolled in MFA, you'll be asked to enter your MFA code.

    SFU CAS Sign in SFU MFA Sign in


  4. When asked to add another account, select Maybe Later to complete the initial account setup.

    Add another account
  5. If you are prompted to Enable Notifications, you may choose either No Thanks or Turn On depending if you wish to receive alerts on your mobile device.

    Enable notifications on Outlook
  6. Congratulations! You've signed into SFU Mail on Outlook for your mobile device.

    Outlook Sign In Complete


For a list of available guides and documentation, see SFU Mail - How-To Guides or Microsoft Training Center on Outlook for iOS and Android (Videos).


Set up as Another Account

To set up as another account on Outlook Mobile:

  1. Open the menu by selecting the Office 365 icon on the top-right corner.
  2. Select + (plus symbol) on the sidebar.
  3. Select Add an Account.
Outlook home page Outlook menu screen Outlook add account menu
  1. Follow the steps as shown on your mobile device. If you would like a guide, start at Step 2 on the Sign In guide above.


Other Sign In Methods

Below are various how-to guides on signing into SFU Mail on mobile:

SFU recommends using Outlook to ensure a seamless experience with the rest of the SFU Microsoft 365 environment. Other applications are available to your preferences, however, support may be limited.


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