Re-sharing a Calendar


This article describes how to re-share a calendar as a solution to shared calendars no longer working after the SFU Mail upgrade to Exchange Online.


How to Re-share a Calendar


You will need to know who is the owner of the shared calendar before proceeding.

In some cases, you may be able to check who is the calendar owner by taking the following steps:

  1. Create a New Event
  2. Select "<Your Shared Calendar>"
  3. Go to Scheduling Assistant
  4. See if there is a user who cannot be removed under Required Attendees. This most likely is the Calendar Owner.


Calendar Owner

Note: If the owner of the shared calendar is no longer reachable, send a request ticket on IT ServiceHub.

Note: Both the Calendar Owner and yourself need to be upgraded to Exchange Online for shared calendars to work properly.

Note: Please use SFU Mail on Browser while following this guide. Other email applications, such as Thunderbird, may not be able to add the calendar via invitation link.


PART A: Receive the Shared Calendar Invitation

  1. Take note on the Calendar Name and Calendar Owner (i.e., on a piece of paper or text file). Keep this as reference to prevent any accidents.
  2. Reach out to the Calendar Owner and ask to re-add your permissions on the shared calendar.

    The Calendar Owner can take the following steps to accomplish this:
    i. Select the Calendar View. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    ii. Hover over the Shared Calendar and select "..." > Sharing and permissions. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    iii. Select the Trash bin next to any SFU accounts that are encountering issues with your shared calendar. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    iv. Enter the previously removed SFU accounts. Then, select the account. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    v. Change permissions per your business need. Then, select Share. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    vi. Congratulations! Your users should receive an email on the calendar invitation.  


PART B: Re-instate your Shared Calendar

Once the Calendar Owner has re-shared your permissions, you should receive an email invitation to the shared calendar.

To re-instate your shared calendar, you can complete the following steps:

1. Ensure that you have the shared calendar email invitation from your Calendar Owner. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
2. Select the Calendar View. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
3. Hover over the Shared Calendar and select "..." > Remove. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
4. Select Remove. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
5. Go back to your shared calendar email invitation and select the "Accept and view calendar" button on the email. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
6. Congratulations! You've re-instated your shared calendar. It should appear on your Calendar View.  


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