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Pinned Article We're Upgrading SFU Mail

Aligned with the university’s “What’s Next Objective: Transform the SFU experience”, SFU is upgrading to Exchange Online, a new cloud-based email system. This upgrade aims to enhance IT security, improve user experience and improve our ability to use Microsoft’s online resources.

New Changes to SFU Mail

See the changes and new features coming to SFU Mail with Exchange Online.

SFU Mail Migration: External Apps/Tools Changes and FAQs

SFU IT Services is strengthening cybersecurity and protecting our research, academic and business data. As part of these changes, all third-party/external tools and applications that connect to SFU Mail must now be assessed for security and privacy and be approved by IT Services.

SFU Mail Migration: FAQ and Common Issues

This article lists frequently asked questions (FAQs) and common issues you may encounter with the SFU Mail Upgrade & Migration to Exchange Online.