Re-add a shared mail folder or mailbox


This article describes how to re-add a shared mail folder or mailbox as a solution to shared mail folders/mailboxes no longer working after the SFU Mail upgrade to Exchange Online.


How to re-add a shared mail folder or mailbox

Note: Both the Folder Owner (or Shared Mailbox) and yourself need to be upgraded to Exchange Online for shared folders to work properly.

Note: Please use SFU Mail on Browser while following this guide to ensure a smoother experience.


To re-add a shared mail folder or mailbox:

1. Take note on the Folder Name and Folder Owner or Shared Mailbox (i.e., on a piece of paper or text file). Keep this as reference to prevent any accidents.  
2. Hover over the shared Folder Owner / Shared Mailbox and select "..." > Remove Shared Folder. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
3. Hover over your Folders and select "..." > Add shared folder or mailbox. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
4. Enter the Folder Owner's / Shared Mailbox's name or email address. Then, select Add. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
5. Congratulations! You've re-added a shared mail folder or mailbox.

The Folder Owner / Shared Mailbox should appear near the bottom. Select it to expand any shared folders you have permissions to.
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