Create an Academic Plan Maillist


Learn how to create a maillist based on an academic plan at the university.



Academic Plan Maillists are mailing lists which automatically include all students in a declared Academic Plan.

The students enrolled in selected academic plans are automatically included in the list.



First, select an academic plan from the left panel, "Available plans". Then click the "Add" button to have it show under "Your Selected Plans".

To add another plan to the "Your Selected Plans" list, simply click the "add" button on another selected plan from "Available Plans" list. To remove a plan, select it from the "Your Selected Plan" list and click the "Remove" button. When you have selected your academic plans, click "Continue" to the next step.

Note: You can also include multiple plans in one maillist, up to a maximum of 20 plans. However, it is recommended that you create lists with no more than 6 plans. If you want to create a list for a large number of plans, first create smaller, targeted lists. Then add those lists to a "super" list. For example, instead of creating an anth-students list that has all the "ANTH" plans in it, create "anth-majors", "anth-minors", etc. Then create a regular maillist called "anth-students" and add the other lists as members.

A list name and description will be automatically generated, based on the academic plan(s) you have chosen. It is strongly recommended that you leave these as is.

On this page, you can choose to be added as a member of the list. Of course, you can always add yourself as a member later.

Click the Create List button to create the list. This may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of students in the academic plans that you have included.




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