Step 1. Review Vault Migration Option - Faculty and Staff


Explore migration options available for faculty and staff.



This article outlines the migration options available for faculty and staff. See other migration options:


Migration options available for faculty or staff

The first step of your migration process is to determine your migration location. Here are the options available for faculty or staff:


Microsoft OneDrive (OneDrive) is a cloud file storage service for individual use at SFU. It allows you to securely store, share, and synchronize your files and folders from any device anywhere at any time.


When is it best used for?

  • You need to store your own individual work documents and files.
  • You need to share your document with specific individuals for ad-hoc collaboration.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a collaboration app that brings together Microsoft 365 apps and services (such as Word, Excel, and OneDrive) with communications features to keep you connected with others.

Note: Available to faculty, staff and graduate students. Currently not available for classes or student-use.


When is it best used for?

  • You need to store and share files with a team on MS Teams (e.g., your department/unit, project team or ad-hoc working group)
  • You require a document repository for your team to co-author or collaborate in the creation and maintenance of documents.



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