Step 3. Upload your Vault files to new location - OneDrive Web


Learn how to upload your Vault files to OneDrive on web browser.



This article describes how to upload your Vault files to OneDrive on web browser. See other options:



Step 1. Download and prepare your files for migration if you haven't already done so:

Step 2. On your web browser,  go to the Microsoft 365 Portal > select OneDrive icon. At the Microsoft login screen, enter your SFU email address (i.e.,

Microsoft login page

Step 3. You will see a page that says “Taking you to your organization’s sign-in page” and will be redirected to SFU’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) page.

Log in using your SFU Computing ID and password. Enter your MFA code, when prompted.

SFU login page

Note: If OneDrive shows a blank white screen once you are signed in, your browser may not be compatible with the app. Update your browser or switch to a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Step 4. On your desktop, go to the folder with all your files from SFU Vault. Choose and select the items you wish to upload within the folders, then drag them onto OneDrive.

Drag and drop your Vault files into OneDrive on the web

Note: If you are uploading a large number of files, consider uploading your files in multiple segments instead of all at once. We recommend uploading in batches no larger than 500 MB each time.

Step 5. Once all the files have been uploaded successfully, a pop-up notification like the following will be shown.

Pop-up notification indicating that all files have been successfully uploaded

Congratulations! You have finished migrating your files from SFU Vault to OneDrive.

If you need to re-establish file sharing permissions on OneDrive, see the Share a file or folder page for more information.



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