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This article describes how to add your SFU Mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows PC, macOS, and Linux.



This article describes how to add your SFU Mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Already Added Your SFU Mail Account before Exchange Online?

If you added your SFU Mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird and got migrated to Exchange Online, you only need to update IMAP server settings to continue use. After updating IMAP settings, you will be prompted to enter your password and restart the application to apply the changes.



To set up your SFU Mail account on Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Add an existing mail account by selecting File > New > Existing Mail Account... or by selecting Email (indicated by the arrow in the image below): 
  2. Enter your name and your SFU email address. Do not enter your password. Select Configure manually.
    Set up your existing email address window in Thunderbird
  3. Configure IMAP with the following settings:
    Incoming Server (IMAP)
    Field Setting
    Protocol IMAP
    Port 993
    Connection security SSL/TTS
    Authentication method OAuth2
    Outgoing Server (SMTP)
    Field Setting
    Port 587
    Connection security STARTTLS
    Authentication method OAuth2
    Not working?
    If these IMAP settings don't work, your SFU account may still be on Exchange On-Premises and will need to use older IMAP settings. Visit the older IMAP Setup page for details.

  4. Select Done. A window will appear and prompt you to enter your SFU credentials. Sign in with your SFU account to continue.
  5. Select Finish to complete the set up.


Show only subscribed folders

By default, Thunderbird will only display mailbox folders that you've subscribed to. To see all folders in your mailbox:

  1. Open Account Settings (right click your account and select Settings from the menu or Settings > Account Settings)
  2. Select Server Settings
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Uncheck Show only subscribed folders

Congratulations! You're now ready to use Mozilla Thunderbird with your SFU Mail account. For other user guides and documentation, see SFU Mail - How-To Guides.




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