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Allowed and Denied Senders of a Maillist

Manage who can send to members of your maillist using allowed or denied senders options.

Create a Course Maillist

Learn how to create a maillist for a course.

Create a Standard Maillist

Review how to create a regular maillist.

Create an Academic Plan Maillist

Learn how to create a maillist based on an academic plan at the university.

Edit Member of a Maillist

Learn how to add and remove members of a maillist.

Edit Properties of a Maillist

Explore how to edit the properties of a maillist. Including visibility, description and delivery options.

Find Maillists

Learn how to search and find a maillist.

Maillist Policies and Etiquette

Explore policies and best practices about the use of maillists at SFU.

Manage Sender Restrictions of a Maillist

Control who can send to recipients of a maillist.

SFU Maillist Preferences

Explore how to customize the preferences for a maillist, including delegates, finding lists you own and more.