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General FAQs

What's ServiceHub?
ServiceHub is SFU’s Enterprise Service Management platform, powered by TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is a service management application that is adopted by many higher education institutions in North America.
What are the key features?
Some of the capabilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Service Catalogue: An organized and actively maintained list of services available to our clients. With permissions-based features, both external and internal facing services are now possible.
  • Client/Customer Portal: Our clients will have a dedicated portal to interact with IT, report issues, order services and check ticket status - decreasing the reliance on email as the primary means of communication.
  • Custom Forms and Workflows: Services can have custom forms to capture specific information required to provide a service. Custom workflows will optimize request handling including the capability to configure approvals and automate assigned tasks to responsible person/groups. Both features will reduce the back and forth between support staff and clients and queue juggling between IT teams.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Much Improved visibility into operations and service delivery. You can now build your own reports and dashboards that meet your needs or your management needs.
  • Dedicated Knowledgebase: An organized content management feature with a direct relationship to the Service Catalogue. By promoting a viable self-help mentality, the number of incoming tickets will be reduced.
What are the main differences between Service Hub and eSupport?

Service Hub expands on eSupport by bringing service management capabilities to the University. Service management platforms support services throughout their entire lifecycle by introducing knowledge management, service cataloguing and asset management tools, in addition to ticketing.

eSupport, based on the open source Request Tracker platform, is purely a ticketing application built around the concept of “queues”. Service Hub, however, is built on the premise of “service delivery” and has a full suite of tools to manage the service lifecycle – Project Management, Ticketing, Service Catalogues, Resource Tracking, etc.

As a client, How will Service Hub benefit me?
The benefits:
  • On-demand access to self-help articles to quickly resolve common issues.
  • Fillable on-line forms are available with drop-down menus to reduce time spent creating a ticket.
  • Option to register for a Service Hub account to self-check online the status of your ticket.
  • If you’re filling webforms for specific services, your ticket will be routed to those services dedicated team which may provide better and more immediate service to you.
As a client, Can I still send an email to raise tickets?
Yes, you can still create tickets by sending emails to services you request. However, we encourage you to submit a ticket via webforms on service pages, which has improved ticket routing and allows you to connect to the right support team quicker.

For immediate support, we encourage you to search our knowledge articles to find answers to your questions or inquiry.

As a ticketing Agent, How will Service Hub benefit me?
The benefits:
  • You can set your own dashboard, your own reports which fit your daily ticket handling.
  • You will receive necessary information from your clients at initial contact, reducing back and forth communication to clarify the information on the ticket, and thus improving the first-time resolution rate.
Can I pass tickets between eSupport and Service Hub?
As a Service Owner/Manager, How will Service Hub benefit me?
The benefits:
  • You can create and view reports that fit your management needs.
  • For ITS team, your team can manage knowledge bases easily, both for internal and external.
  • For ITS team, the team will follow a standardized methodology in service catalog management, clear definitions of service’s accountability and responsibility.


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