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This article describes how to add your SFU Mail account to Windows Mail for PC.

  • Outlook for PC is the recommended desktop application to access your SFU emails, contacts, and calendar.


To set up your SFU Mail account on Windows Mail:

  1. Launch the Windows Mail application. The first time you open Windows Mail, you'll be asked to add an account.
    • In the Windows Mail interface, click on "Accounts" to access account settings.
    • Within the "Accounts" section, click "Add account" option. This initiates the process of adding a new email to Windows Mail
    • In the account setup window, select "Office 365, Exchange" to configure SFU Mail account. 
  2. Enter SFU Mail Account ("") and click "Next"
    • This will direct you to the SFU sign in pageUploaded Image (Thumbnail)           
  3. At the SFU Sign in page, enter your SFU Computing ID and Password.
    • Click "Sign in" and this will give you acces to use SFU Mail on Windows Mail for PCUploaded Image (Thumbnail)                                                               

You're now ready to use Windows Mail for PC with your SFU Mail account. For a list of available guides and documentation, see SFU Mail - How-To Guides.

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