ServiceHub Ticketing App Quick Start Guide


Just getting started with ServiceHub at SFU or looking for a refresher? Explore online resources that walk though how to use the ticketing application.


Access and Sign In

In order to sign into ServiceHub Ticketing App, there are pre-requisites. If you don't have permissions to sign into the app, see How to gain access to ServiceHub Ticketing App for details.

For a direct sign-in link, go to

Access ServiceHub Ticketing App


SFU ServiceHub Training

For SFU-focused training for IT Technicians and ticketing agents, see our recorded Zoom training sessions for held on June 2022

IT Technicians Training Videos


TeamDynamix Training

For additional training, see various articles and videos provided by TeamDynamix below:

Access and Overview:

Working with Tickets:

Organizing Your Work:


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