Notifying others of Updates - eSupport vs. TeamDynamix


Unlike eSupport, there are two main channels for communicating ticket updates with requestors in TeamDynamix. The first is via traditional email (notifying), while the second is via the ticket feed (commenting). In this article, we'll provide an overview of the two and what you can expect for commenting versus notifying in TeamDynamix.


There are two important sections to know about when updating a ticket in TeamDynamix. Both are independent from each other but can control how a requestor receives updates. 

The first is the "comments" section, which adds a comment to the ticket feed. Unlike eSupport, comments can be both private or public depending on what the "Make comments private..." option is set to:

  • Comments that are private, will only be visible to other ticketing agents.
  • Comments that are not private, will be visible to ticket requestors in the ticket feed in the client portal.

In addition to commenting, the "Notify" section also plays a role in how updates are sent. Notify determines if an email notification is sent to whoever is listed in the notify fields. Unlike eSupport, you must ensure the requestors are included in the "Notify" field to notify the them of an update.

Note: Both the commenting and notify fields can be used in combination with each other. It is possible to mark a comment as private but still notify a requestor if they are included in the notify field. This will cause anyone notified to see the private comment.

See our FAQ for details on this behaviour.

Commenting and notifying window in TeamDynamix



The ticket feed is a list of updates or changes associated with a ticket. Many actions (such as ticket attribute changes...etc.) will be only visible to ticket agents in the ITS Tickets application, however, comments for a ticket can also be available to requestors via the ServiceHub client portal.

When making a public (non-private) comment on a ticket, the ticket feed in the client portal will also be updated. This allows you to communicate updates to requestors via the ServiceHub client portal:

Ticket feed in the client portal


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