TeamDynamix - Planned Maintenance

Current Version 


Daily Maintenance

  • Occurs Daily from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM PT - for the Production and Sandbox environments
  • These activities do not require downtime
  • Activities are typically infrastructure or database-related
  • No announcement is provided to customers


Weekly Service Updates 

  • Production Environment, occurs every Friday 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)
  • Sandbox Environment, occurs every Friday 6:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)
  • These activities require downtime
  • Activities are typically service releases, bug fixes, or minor enhancements
  • No announcement is provided to customers


Major Release Updates

  • Major release date is communicated at least 4 weeks in advance and notice is provided to registered customers 
  • Activities are related to new versions of TeamDynamix (e.g. 11.4 to 11.5 release)
  • These activities require downtime on the environment specified (see below)


Sandbox Environment 

  • Sandbox upgrade occurs one day before the announced release date, on a Friday 
  • Sandbox upgrade is scheduled to fall on Friday from 9:00 PM (Pacific Time) –  to the next day 3:00 PM (Pacific Time)


Production Environment 

  • Production Release date is scheduled to fall on a Saturday
  • Production upgrade occurs on the release date from 9:00 PM (Pacific Time) – to the next day 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)


Emergency Updates

  • Occurs on an as-needed basis when an emergency change/update is required
  • Whenever possible, a 24-hour advance notice is provided to TeamDynamix Administrators
  • Occurs between 9:00 PM - to the next day 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)with more precise information given if/when emergency update event occurs



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