How to review, approve or reject knowledge articles as an ITS Service Owner


This article details how service owners can review and approve knowledge articles within the IT Services knowledge base before they a published.

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To review a knowledge article, it first needs to be submitted to the IT Services knowledge base. For an overview on drafting and submitting knowledge articles a creator refer to this documentation.

Note: To review knowledge articles you will need the Service Owner role in TeamDynamix.


How to Review Submitted Articles

As a service owner, your account in TeamDynamix will have the ability to review and approve any submitted knowledge articles within the IT Services knowledge. This provides you with an opportunity to check the content of an article and send feedback to the creator before it is published.

  1. To start, sign in to the IT Services knowledge base.
  2. Then either:

  • Or, have the author of an article send you a direct link (via email, instant message...etc.) to their submitted draft


Approving Articles

The next step is to either approve or reject the article.

If you reject the article, ensure you notify the author using the Notify check-box and leave a comment. This will send an email to the author and provide them with an opportunity to make edits for re-submission.


If you approve the article, ensure you notify the author using the Notify check-box to let them know that the article is ready to be published. They will then send a request to the knowledge manager for the IT Services knowledge base to have it published.

After the article is approved, it's status will also be updated for confirmation.


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