TeamDynamix Training Session - Service Owners (SO) & Service Offering Managers (SOM)


This is a recorded training session for Service Owners (SO) and Service Offering Managers (SOM) on May 11, 2022.
      Note: Service Offering Manager (SOM) is an ITSM Term for Product Owner


Service Owners (SO) and Service Offering Manager (SOM) Training Session:

Training video for: Service Owner & Service Offering Manager

The goals of this training is to get Service Owner and Service Offering Manager familiar with:

  • What a service is.
  • What service ownership is.
  • What a service offering is.
  • What a service offering manager is.
  • How these work in TeamDynamix.


If you've any questions, please visit the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) service page and raise tickets to the support team.

ESM webpage is Service - Enterprise Service Management (


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