Microsoft OneDrive is an individual file sharing and storage platform.

Articles (8)

File Lifecycle Management in OneDrive

Explore recommendations about the use and storage of files in OneDrive from SFU's Archives and Records Management office.

Getting Started with Microsoft 365

This article walks through how to sign up and get started with Microsoft 365 apps.

OneDrive - FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about OneDrive.

OneDrive - Fixing Sync Conflict Issues

This article outlines the steps to resolve the "Upload Blocked" error message when opening a synced Office file from your oneDrive desktop.

OneDrive - Managing Your Files

Explore Microsoft online resources to manage your OneDrive files. This includes, uploading, sharing, deleting and restoring files.

OneDrive - Setup & Basics

Explore the basics of setting up and getting started with OneDrive.

Recommended Usage for File Storage and Collaboration

Learn more about the differences between Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for file storage and collaboration.

What happens to my Microsoft account when I leave SFU?

This article details what happens to your work/school Microsoft 365 account after leaving the university.