Resources for IT support in the transition to Exchange Online.

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Pinned Article SFU Mail - Support Toolkit

Resources for IT support staff to assist their users in the transition to Exchange Online.

SFU Mail - Migration Status Tool

How to access and use the SFU Mail migration status tool.

SFU Mail - Policy Map

The policy map charts the current and the future state of SFU Mail and Exchange Online at the university.

SFU Mail - Cross-Permissions Behaviour

This article describes the cross-permissions behaviour between Exchange Online and Exchange On-Premises.

SFU Mail - Email Storage Limits and M365 Licensing

Learn about the email storage limits and M365 access for individuals at the university.

SFU Mail - How-To Guides

This article lists the how-to guides, training and resources on SFU Mail.

SFU Mail Migration: FAQ and Common Issues

This article lists frequently asked questions (FAQs) and common issues you may encounter with the SFU Mail Upgrade & Migration to Exchange Online.