My Recently Visited Services

SFU’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) refers to using two or more independent items to verify your identity, typically something you know (i.e., your SFU computing ID and password) and something you have (i.e., a time-based code).

myInvolvement is a platform that provides access to on-campus opportunities (such as volunteer positions, campus events and workshops)

myExperience is an online space to access to co-op, career and volunteer services while at SFU.

The Funding and Award Opportunities site allows SFU students and faculty to find funding opportunities for a wide range of fields

Provide wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to access campus internet services.

Students can access SFU IT computer labs from off campus. MFA is required to access computer labs remotely.

The web publishing service for individuals & small groups.

Alertus is an emergency system that sends a full screen message to all university managed computers in the event of an emergency.

IT Services offers virtual servers as a lower-cost alternative to physical servers.

SFU Websurvey is a secondary survey option for those not able to use SurveyMonkey as their primary choice.

System for managing undergraduate students awards and scholarships.

Room Finder helps the community locate rooms visually at all three SFU Campuses.

Provide wired connectivity to a location

This system handles all aspects of parking management on SFU Campuses.
Students, Faculty, Staff and external visitors can purchase parking passes online prior to their visit. SFU issued parking tickets can also be paid online through this system.

Microsoft Office (or MS Office) is a collection of productivity tools that includes Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Most applications within the Office suite are available on desktop, mobile app, or on browsers via cloud services.

Management of monitoring, notification and alerting technologies relating to servers and storage infrastructure.

The Delegate Account Management (DAM) web app is an MFA-friendly way for you to manage access to sponsored accounts at SFU. It allows you to delegate access to users without needing to share account credentials.

A student information management system

goSFU is the information management system available to SFU students, faculty, and staff 24/7. All SFU students are able to access goSFU for course registration, viewing grades, tracking degree progress, ordering transcripts, and applying for graduation. For faculty and staff, access to goSFU is provided for the purpose of performing administrative and advising duties.

IT Infrastructure consulting services as required by SFU Facilities projects, renovations, new buildings. Issues pertaining to fibre optic and copper cable plant installations.

Architecture, design and maintenance of the dedicated network firewalls.

Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading platform.

Installation, operation and maintenance of publicly available web cameras of SFU.

IT Services offers various equipment loaning to SFU members, including students, faculty and staff.

University Telephones, including desktop handsets, soft phones, classroom, and security “Blue” phones. Services provided include phone moves, account changes, long distance, toll free numbers, voicemail, automated attendants (phone trees).

Turnitin is a platform that checks the originality of student papers.